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PNG Elections: Thousands welcome PM O'Neill in Kandep

PNC Sea of Red - Thousands of Supporters at Rally in Kandep
Prime Minister,  Peter O'Neill CMG MP, was greeted by a sea of PNC red as thousands of supporters attended a campaign rally in Kandep wearing PNC shirts and caps.
Speaking to supporters in the Opposition Leader’s district, PM O’Neill vowed not to be deterred by opposition mud-slinging, and committed to build on the Government’s core policy achievements of free education, universal healthcare, building critical national infrastructure and improving law and order.
“When we were elected five years ago, we did not promise big, but we built on our simple policies to improve our economy and the lives of our people.
“You are here today because you appreciate what we are doing and want us to continue building our Nation.
"We did our best in the last five years to fulfil the promises past government had made but failed to deliver.
"Our Government stands firm by its policies and over the past five years that have delivered much needed services into rural areas.
"Our policies in education and health have relieved burdens from many of you here today who are subsistence farmers or have small business.
“Too many promises were made by past Governments and left our people with nothing to show for it when they were voted out of office.
"I am determined to build this nation and will prove crictics wrong.
"Give our Government another five years and you will see even more change and tengible development in your communities.”
The Prime Minister was in Kandep to rally support for PNC Party Candidate, Alfred Manase, who is contesting the Kandep seat.
“You need change in Kandep, you need a Member who will stand up for your rights and will deliver infrastructure and services in Kandep.
“Look around you and ask what happened to the 40 million Kina that was given two the Kandep District through the District Services Improvement Program.
“Where did that money go? This was not spent on roads or education or healthcare, that was all National Government money spent on these projects.
“The DSIP money that was given to Kandep has not been wisely used, we wonder where it went. If you vote for Alfred Manase to be your Member of Parliament, he will be here in this district working for you every day.
“He will be here working hard for you.
“We have a Government that has delivered stability over the past five years, and with Alfred Manase, and our PNC and Coalition Party Members, we will continue to deliver stability and growth for our people.”
The Prime Minister was accompanied at the PNC rally in Kandep by Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, and Imbonggu Open Member and Minister for Works and Implementation, Hon. Francis Awesa.
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