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Opposition Disorganised and Crippled by Infighting – Mekere does not Represent Independent Candidates

The Deputy Leader of the People’s National Congress Party, Hon. Mao Zeming MP, said the policy void in the opposition is alarming, and is a demonstration of the disorganisation of these members and their internal conflict.
"Opposition members are already fighting over who should be their leader, and this has turned very bitter,” Minister Zeming said.
“They all want to be the alternate Prime Minister, but they cannot even develop a coherent policy amongst them, let alone elect a leader.
"Don Polye has the title of opposition leader, but the others will not back him.
"There is also infighting within some opposition parties looking to remove their leaders so they can work with the Government.
"The choice for individual opposition members and candidates is that they can be part of negativity and talking down the Nation, or they can step up and embrace the change that is taking place and work for the benefit of our people.
“This opposition doesn’t have clear polices, all they have are media statements.
“To manage a country of more than eight million people, you need policies that are planned and are viable for implementation.
“The Opposition is clueless in this regard."
The Minister said the claim by Sir Mekere Morauta that he represents independent candidates is laughable
"He is not the leader of independents, that is the whole point of being independent, you are independent.
"If he was a committed leader he would run under his party name, but he is not doing this because he is a deserter.
“He deserted his PNG party, he deserted PDM after they had brought him to power, and he will desert any independent who supports him. That is his track record for deserting people who had supported him.
“These opposition leaders should focus on policy instead of fighting over which of them can try to come to the top.
"You need to do more than meet in a cafe for a photo shoot if you want to properly represent the issues of the people in our Nation.
“These tired and failed leaders have had their day and they let the country down.
“A new generation is taking their place who are not tarnished by the failures of the past, but want to see our country continue to develop."
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