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Polye denies inciting violence in Hela

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has denied inciting any form of violence in Hela province last Friday.
Mr Polye's denial surfaced, following Finance Minister and Tari-Pori MP James Marape, who alleged that the former incited it.
"I do not incite violence. Had I done so, why would our people of Eastern Highlands have distrupted a PNC party-sponsored rally in Goroka town?
"How come they did that. There has been an outright public resentment across the country. As such, our people of Hela have rejected Marape and PNC. If they burnt down red shirts and caps issued by PNC party, that is it. People have spoken," he said.
Commenting on Marape's claim that their relationship has been affected, Polye said otherwise that their personal friendship remained.
"I must remind Marape that I have not destroyed our relationship. What I have destroyed is his relationship with corruption. He has to make a choice whether to join me or not.
"He has to apologise to the people for supporting corruption," he said.
Rubbishing Marape's claim that Polye delivered nothing in Hela, he also denied that.
He stated that on record he played an influencial role to give provincial status to Hela and Jiwaka.
He added when he was the Treasury and Finance Minister in 2011, he gave more than K100 millon to LNG landowners in Hela.
Meanwhile, Polye cautioned PM O'Neill and his Finance Minister not to mislead the people on getting more overseas loans to build infrastructure in the country.
Loans, he said, are secured to develop areas which make meaningful contribution to the national purse and not Port Moresby alone to suit business interests of those are loyal of PNC party.
Brushing aside O'Neill's claim that PNG's debt level was K22 billion, Mr Polye said the debt level was at over K42 billion when considering hidden debt figures in the books of State-Owned Entities.
"Their statement is misleading and irresponsible because massive debts destroy economies around the world.
"It has been practically proven again and again. For instance, Venezuela is nkw in a debt crisis. Euro Zone is also suffering a massive debt over many years. Wall Street Melt Down in the United States resulted in Public sector managing unsustaible crisis. Asian region also suffered debt crisis in 1980.
"Even now experts have warned China to stop further borrowing even if it has the capacity to repay.
"Singapore taken as an example for debt level, is uneducated and lame.
"It has a very tough and draconian rule of law coupled with a manageable debt.
Unlike, Breach of rule of law has been common in PNG under PNC-led government. Therefore, in the gobal context I caution them not to mislead decent people of PNG," he said.
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