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Women show support for PPP policies on Women

A womens representative has shown her support for People Progress Party especially for its policies on women.
Maria Ibai Hayes, the National President for PNG Women in Politics welcomed the announcement by PPP Leader Ben Micah this week on reserving 4 regional seats for women in parliament.
Mrs Hayes called on her women folk to give their votes to PPP candidates contesting in this election if they wanted a place in society and in their workplace.
She said it's not to say men are in capable of delivering but with the support of their women counterparts in politics, progress can be made if there was corporation.
“A lot of our children are unemployed and roaming the streets to find a little toea to feed themselves. Their mothers find it difficult to feed them. But PPP has given mothers a new hope with its policy on women. Lets support it and make it work, together we can do it,” Mrs Hayes said. PNGFM
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