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ANZ reduces money transfer fees from Australia to Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Kiribati & Tonga

ANZ has announced it was reducing international money transfer fees from Australia to five Pacific countries, effective immediately.

The fee for an international money transfer from Australia to Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Kiribati or Tonga is now just AUD$9 (US$6.92) for payments initiated by Internet banking, phone banking or via any Australian ANZ branch.

Commenting on the fee reduction, Group Executive Australia Fred Ohlsson said: “Many families and businesses in these five nations rely on friends and relatives who are living and working in Australia to send them money.

“We have reduced the fees for these money transfers through our Australian branches and phone banking from $32 to $9 (US$24.6 - US$6.92), and through Internet banking from $18 to $9 (US$13.8 - US$6.92).

“This new flat fee makes these money transfers more affordable for the people of these five nations, and the economies that need this financial activity,” Ohlsson said.

ANZ Regional Executive Pacific Islands, Tessa Price, said: “This initiative aligns with our commitment to help people and communities thrive in the Pacific where remittances remain an important source of household income to improve living standards.

“We are continuously looking at ways of making banking simpler and more convenient for our customers and hope to reduce international money transfer fees to other Pacific countries in the future.”

In May last year ANZ announced reduced fees for international money transfers from ANZ New Zealand to Samoa, Vanuatu and Tonga via Internet Banking from NZD$18 to NZD$7(US$13.18 - US$5.12) per transaction.

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