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How to access Live 2017 PNG Election Results Online

We here at PNG Today  are proud to bring to you, the steps in how you can access live PNG election results online. Simply follow the simple steps below.

1.  Visit the Official PNGEC website on this link.  Live PNG Election Results Updates.

2. A Papua New Guinea Map is placed on the website as shown below. Select the province that you want to see the results by either moving the cursor over the provincial map or clicking on it.

3.  Select or click "Progress of Polling" marked by letter A to see the polling progress in each province.   Selection" Progress Counting" marked by letter B to see the progress of counting in each province (see figure below) . Select the area marked by C to see the progress of counting for Provincial seat while the Counting progress of Open Seats can be viewed by clicking on the area marked D. See the diagram below.

Note: The above example is taken from Hela province. you can see for other provinces by selecting the provincial map as stated in step 2.

Go to the live Election update page now:  Live PNG Election Results Updates.
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