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Marape denies PNC Election rigging

Party Leader for PNC, Peter O'Neill is welcoming the members-elect
 for Koroba Lake Kopiago and Komo Magarima at the Government Hangar
 in Port Moresby, National Capital District .Photo: EMTV
Member elect for Tari Pori and People's National Congress party member, James Marape, has brushed aside allegations that the ruling party had rigged the 2017 national election to suit its favour.

Speaking on the NBC's Elections 2017 simulcast show last night, Mr. Marape said, results from counting and declarations 

across the country should dispel these unfounded allegations.
“If you can look at the election results that is showing right across the country, it is not only PNC that is picking up numbers.

You see like in Morobe, Pangu doing very well, you see key opposition leaders through out the government in the last term polling very well, Gary Juffa polling very well Kerenga Kua polled very well ,Sam Basli declared, and so you cannot say the election is rigged.

Right across the country there are always challenges to elections and every election since 1977 there have been challenges, we have had challenges too in the 2017 elections, but in terms of wholesale rigging in the elections I am saying, and I am denying in total that there was rigging on the part of PNC party,”Mr Marape said.

NBC News - Calvin Caspar .
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