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Nautilus defends awarding of project in deep sea mining

Nautilus Mineral Inc have defended the awarding of its WASH project in New Ireland to a Goroka-based company.

The Canadian miner was responding to assertions that had been made by a Johnathan Mesulam, at a forum on deep-sea mining, which was organised by the Catholic Church in Kavieng recently.

Mesulam reportedly was aggrieved at the outsourcing of projects, which he argued ought to have been given to the locals.

Nautilus had, in a response provided to the Post-Courier, stated the contract had been awarded on merit to APT Projects.

“APT was awarded the program because they had experience in PNG deliverying similar projects, and there was no similar expertise in New Ireland.”

“The program is aligned with the New Ireland Provincial government’s programs to improve village life and has been a major success.”

“The program contained a large training element, and it is hoped that eventually the skills will be available in New Ireland for future project; that will be undertaken by locally based companies and groups,” Nautilus had stated.

The company had stressed that while the company had yet to begin operations in the country, it has been working with communities since 2007.

During this period, it has completed a variety of initiatives focused on health and education.

These were running water and toilets to 22 schools in the impact communities, health baseline survey, health patrols that had seen the team attend to 7,000 patients, construction of the Pubanom Bridge and education baseline study. In addition, various donations to schools, community groups and activities.


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