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PM O'Neill confident to form the government

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is confident to form the next government after the declarations are made on each of the regional and open seats around the country.  Mr. O’Neill told the people of Southern Highlands in Mendi and that of Ialibu-Pangia that the ruling People’s National Congress Party will form the Government.

Mr O’Neill said in his address to the people of Southern Highlands at the Momei Oval in Mendi that he was confident that PNC would have the number to form the next Government in the coming weeks.

Flanked by all members from Southern Highlands he told the people that PNC would form the next government and continue to move Papua New Guinea forward.

Mr O’Neill said the PNC had campaigned on policy issues, not smear and slander, and that was why people were responding well by giving
their support.

“We went to this election telling people what we would deliver in education, healthcare, law and order, agriculture and infrastructure, over the next five years.

“Our promises to the people are clear and can be delivered, and we have a proven track-record to deliver on our promises.

“Our country deserves stability and this is what we will continue to deliver for the next five years.

“We will work with like-minded and policy focused members to form the Government.

“We are not interested in dealing with members who are self-serving, or members who would try to hold Government to ransom over their petty politics.

“As the largest party in the Parliament, the public will have given us a mandate to form Government, and we hope that mandate will be respected.”

Mr O’Neill backed his statement with the running tally as reports come in that the progressive political party results has People’s National Congress Party leading in the top three seats – PNC: 63, National Alliance: 29, PPP: 17, Pangu:16, PNGNP:13, THE:13, PNGP: 11, URP:11 and all others below 10. So far only seven seats had been declared by yesterday.

The ruling PNC Party has three declared MPs, Pangu one, NA one, Melanesian Liberal Party one and independents had the highest number with 70 candidates in the top three spots.

Last night PNC was supposed to have two more of its party members declared in Manus but was moved to today. Post Courier/PNG Today
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