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Vote for Parties : Gelu

NBC News – Kalvin Kaspar

The Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, said voters must continue to be encouraged to vote for political parties, while parties must also continue to market themselves to eligible voters.

Doctor Alphonse Gelu, said this is because at the end of every election, political parties are invited to form the government and not individual candidates.

He said his office will continue to promote political parties to ensure voters identify with them and vote for them in up-coming elections.
“That is why in the very beginning the registry was encouraging people to vote for political parties.
Why are we now talking about parties, when in the beginning we were not talking about political parties ? .

So there is no connection here.
If people are only voting for candidates but now we are trying to see where parties are now, in order for them to form the government then there is a total disconnection.
So that is the reason why, for those of us at the registry we came up with theme of “To know your party and vote your party”.

So what I was saying in the beginning, it was not a mistake, the logic was there, and I hope our people in the country in future elections will come to appreciate why the registry was fighting hard for people to identify closely with political parties,” Mr Gelu said.

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