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Madang MP Kramer to take Baki to court if he refuses to arrest PM O'Neill

On Tuesday afternoon, the National Court in Papua New Guinea made a ruling in relation to the judicial review preceding that the Prime Minister had filed a temporary stay on the warrant of arrest against him that was issued in June 2014.

The court has now finally dismissed those proceedings that put a hold on the warrant.

Therefore the warrant of arrest has been freed and it directs the Police Commissioner or any police officer of the police force to effect the arrest of Prime Minister Peter O’Neil and that he be brought before the court to answer to the charges of corruption allegations.

“Unfortunately our Prime Minister seems to be ignoring the arrest warrant and also the Police Commissioner, Gari Baki who is supposed to effect the arrest warrant seems to also ignore the arrest warrant,” Madang Open MP, Bryan Kramer told the media.

“That arrest warrant is directed to every police officer and in this case the Police Commissioner has no power what so ever to interfere with this arrest warrant or to direct police officers not to exercise their constitutional powers to make this arrest,” Kramer added.

So any officer needs merely a copy of that warrant. He is then bound by the order of the court to effect the arrest of Peter O’Neill.

“We have a Prime Minister who continues to hide behind office. He is an elected member holding office as the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea who continues to avoid the arrest and that undermines the law and the constitution,” Kramer expressed.

“On Wednesday 2 August last week, every Member of Parliament including Peter O’Neil swore an oath and that oath was not to himself or PNC but was made to the people of Papua New Guinea,” Kramer highlighted.

“If the Police Commissioner in the next 48 hours fails to effect that court order and arrest Peter O’ Neil, as a member of the opposition and alliance, I intend to take private prosecution proceedings against the Police Commissioner to ensure that he will be charged for preventing the course of justice,” Kramer said.

“Enough is enough, the country is waiting for him to perform his duties,” Kramer urged Baki.... PACNEWS

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