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NCD Governor Parkop Embraces POM Future City Concept

NCD Governor Powes Parkop has embraced the Port Moresby Future City concept of The Papua New Guinea (PNG) International Business Summit 2017.

In a statement for publication in the Summit Program, the Governor said:

“We are investing heavily in Port Moresby as a future city. As you know in this Summit, one of the highest objectives is the welfare of all that reside in the city.”

“So I am encouraged when I see the determination and enthusiasm of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce, its members, the delegates and the businesses that have shown their support for the Summit.”

“Next year Papua New Guinea will be in the world spotlight when we host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Already there are massive preparations underway for APEC in Port Moresby, our capital city.”

“I am heartened that the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce is leading the way in opening an important dialogue in to how our capital city should operate. I fully understand the concept of what happens in Port Moresby ultimately has an impact on our entire country.”

“Our capital city is where decisions are made, it is a financial and economic hub, a tourist hub and now home to a diverse population of people from around our country, our region and the world.”

“Port Moresby has evolved in to a vibrant society, full of opportunity, offering world class services connected to the country it serves by our seaports, and airports and the virtual superhighway.”

“It is our ambition to make Port Moresby even more accessible to all Papua New Guineans, so that we can provide highly specialised services, such as education and health care that otherwise would not be possible in a rural setting.”

“It is encouraging to see the private sector investing in Port Moresby, because it has positive implications for our entire nation.”

“The growing city will create demand and stimulate growth in other parts of our country – food from the highlands, fish from the islands and the entrepreneurial flair that will make it all happen.”

Hon. Powes Parkop will host a pre-Summit cocktail function on the evening of Monday August 21, along with Mr Sakias Tameo, Acting High Commissioner of the PNG Government in Australia and Mr James Ovia, Consul General, based in Brisbane.

An invitation has been sent to all Summit delegates, speakers and Summit Expo exhibitors to attend the pre-Summit cocktail function.

Governor Parkop is also due to give his vision statement for Port Moresby on Day 1 of the Summit, Tuesday August 22.

Governor Parkop will then join major Summit Sponsor BSP and Platinum Sponsor NCDC later the same day in hosting the Summit Gala Dinner.

The dinner will feature an on-stage chat between journalist Kathy Novak and inspirational Australian veteran of the war in Afghanistan Damien Thomlinson.

The gala dinner will also feature newly emerging PNG “girl band” The Vibe.

David Conn, CEO of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that the support of Governor Powes Parkop and the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) has ensured the success of the Summit as a milestone event in the history of Port Moresby.

Mr Conn said: “This is indeed the beginning of the future for Port Moresby, and the reinforcement of a close working relationship between the Chamber and NCDC.”

Source: Port Moresby Future City
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