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Skills Shortage a hindrance to employment growth in PNG

Skill shortages are a major hindrance to the employment growth in Papua New Guinea.
United Nations Development Programme and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu revealed this in a new report on PNG’s labour market.

UNDP country rep Mr. Roy Trivedy said the report is a joint survey of over 230 businesses in Port Moresby, Hagen and Lae.

The new report also suggets that there is a need to review the education curricula. Mrs Lyndel Melrose from the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu said lack of skills from students in schools has affected the growth in employment in the country.
“Because of this more expatriates are been brought into work in the country and this has seen a drop in employment” said Mrs Melrose.
Meanwhile, Mr. Trivedy said that businesses in the country lacked in retaining employees as also revealed in the new report.

“71% of businesses said human factors were a barrier to hiring more staff including staff productive, attendance and punctuality” as revealed in the new report.
Mrs Melrose further said because of this more employees are not been retained by businesses and these has seen businesses not growing rather staying stagnant. PNGFM / PNG Today
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