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Digicel PNG announces it will be swapping to the Huawei network in October

Digicel  announced Thursday it will be swapping to the Huawei network in October.

The announcement was made by Digicel PNG chief executive officer Oliver Coughlan during the launch of Huawei’s latest edition to its P-series, the P10, in Port Moresby.

These plans are a result of the partnership the Irish mobile company has forged with one of China’s leading technology firms.

The upgrade could not be anymore timely as it comes at a time when Huawei is launching what Coughlan described as world class phones that will require world class networks.

It also comes at a time when Digicel marks its tenth year of existence in the country.

Speaking at the launch Mr Coughlan said: “We will spend tens of billions in US dollars on the network expansion and network upgrade and we are in a lucky position.”

Coughlan said Digicel had gone to the market with its plans in search of a partner that could not just best serve the company’s needs but that of its customers.

The company had settled for Huawei given its track-record.

“A partnership with Huawei meant we would offer our customers the most up to date technology that is available and it is not just up to date it is one that is so advanced because the company is so far ahead of the game,” he said.

Coughlan said the plans would be rolled out in Port Moresby during the first week of October in Port Moresby assuring that all its corporate clients and partners would be kept informed of what the company is doing and what the changes will mean for the network.

“What we are offering is the most technologically advanced network to our customers, for our partners in this country in the coming weeks and months and for us we are excited,” he said.

“It takes a lot of effort, a lot of challenge, lots of dollars and in swapping our network we will be building resilience in our network because we know that this is a tough country.

“We are also spending money in the bandwidth we are looking forward to talking to our cable providers, we understand the top class phones need top class connectivity and top class net works so we are totally aligned with the Huawei vision, we have our own vision but we are delighted with the partnership we have formed most recently with Huawei.”.

Meanwhile, Huawei Technologies (PNG) has added another device to its P series.

Last year it launched its P9 series and yesterday at the Stanley Hotel at a breakfast meeting which it hosted in conjunction with Digicel PNG, its P10 series.

Invitees were mostly the firm’s corporate clients and potential customers.

Huawei’s Director Consumer Business Group South Pacific Islands, Michael Townsley, said starting with the P6 in 2013 the Huawei P Series has been awarded the “Best Consumer Smartphone” for four consecutive years.

Townley said this has been due to the combination of impressive specifications, design and natural user interface.

“These awards recognise Huawei’s commitment to quality, design and performance and build on the company’s track record of introducing stylish, powerful, award-winning devices.

“In 2017, the HUAWEI P10 has received special recognition for its camera experience, co-engineered with Leica, taking the title of ‘European Image and Sound Association (EISA) Smartphone Camera 2017-2018,” Townsley said.

“The HUAWEI P10 builds on the outstanding user experience synonymous with the P Series by providing users with everything they need to express their creativity through photography with its dynamic illumination to create timeless portraits and exceptional pictures.

“Combining our strengths with Digicel PNG, together we are confident to enhance user experience in PNG, while pledging affordability on products and services through this partnership.”

The launch was marked with a draw for two of these brand new devices and a photo booth using the P10 camera.

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