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Pangu Pati joins O'Neill-Abel Government

It has now been confirmed that Pangu Pati has crossed the floor to join forces with the O’Neill led government. In a statement released just this afternoon Sam Basil had the following to see in justifying his party’s move.

“This decision is necessary because people voted for PNC to form Government, and the majority of of their MP’s voted Hounrable Peter O’Neill from PNC as Prime Minister. PNC must be given the grace and support to implement their policies. It is also necessary to ensure that well-meaning Pangu Pati voters – and the Pangu MPs who they returned at the polls – are positioned aright on provincial and district development project and sustained flor of government good and services that are rightfully theirs.”

“Pangu Pati MPs, under my leadership, do not want to be involved in the futile exercise of opposing, criticising and political point-scoring. Papua New Guinea had the opportunity to change government at the 2017 National Election. Members of Parliament had that opportunity before the official opening of the tenth National Parliament.

“We therefor decided to join the O’Neill-Abel Government. It is now time to deliver to the constituents who gave us their mandate. I want to thank Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for seeing value in the calibre of Pangu Pati MPs and inviting us to join the PNC led Coalition Government.”
Deputy party leader William Samb also put out a statement, “Pangu had an option whether to play the blame game, point fingers and remain ignorant of the challenges the country is facing or ACT in a responsible way , team up with the government to save this nation.” Pangu has opted it should act in a responsible way, bring in the best brains to work with the government to save this nation. This move is all about saving the nation.”
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