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PNG and ExxonMobil Working Together to Expand Investment and Create More Jobs

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister has expressed confidence in the ongoing strength of the commitment by ExxonMobil in Papua New Guinea’s economy, saying there is scope for greater investment and job creation from the company that is one of the largest foreign investors in Papua New Guinea.

PM O’Neill made the comments after meeting ExxonMobil Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Woods, and Senior Vice President, Jack Williams, at the company’s global headquarters in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday.
“The contribution that the PNG LNG project has made to our economy has been substantial, and this will continue to grow,” O’Neill said.

“ExxonMobil has demonstrated their continued commitment to Papua New Guinea through the delivery and management of the PNG LNG project, together with ongoing exploration activities.
“We look forward to continuing to partner with ExxonMobil to advance projects and create more jobs for Papua New Guineans.”
ExxonMobil PNG Limited is the operator of the US$19 billion PNG LNG project, the largest private sector investment in PNG to date. Additionally, ExxonMobil is working with partners to expand LNG processing at the existing PNG LNG plant site near Port Moresby.

“Papua New Guinea is an important country in ExxonMobil’s global portfolio, and we are committed to making our business successful for all parties,” Darren Woods said.
“We are committed to working with the government to support economic growth and provide long-term, sustainable benefits to the people of Papua New Guinea through workforce, supplier and community development programs.

“ExxonMobil also congratulates Papua New Guinea on hosting APEC in 2018.
“We are working closely with PNG’s APEC organizers to make the event a success for the country.
“I look forward to returning to PNG to participate in the APEC CEO Summit.”
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