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APEC satisfied with PNG's preparation

The APEC Secretariat is satisfied with Papua New Guinea's overall planning and preparations to host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders's Summit in 2018.

The APEC's Doctor Alan Bollard says while there's still more to be done in the areas of infrastructure, logistics and security, PNG is on track to hosting a successful APEC 2018.
"We think things are on track. There's still work to be done.

"We know there's still some buildings need completing.
"We know there's other infrastructure work.
"And Port Moresby's got some advantages compared to other hosts because its not overly crowded because traffic congestion, you mightn't like it but actually it looks pretty good by the standards of some hosts in the past.
"And some of the technologies getting a bit easier as well with Wifi and temporary structures and things.

"So we are confident that's going to work.
"It's quite important that the cruise ships all gets signed up for accommodation by then."
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