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Substantial amount of Cash : Motive behind Boroko Police building fire

By Police Reporter TOM KILAVI

The motive behind the office of the NCD/Central Command building at the Boroko Police Station that caught fire on Thursday night is believed to be in relation to a substantial amount of cash in a safe in the building.
NCD/Central Command Operations Commander Sylvester Kalaut stressed this saying the fire started at around 6 to 6:30pm and after the fire brigade came and put off the fire, they tried to open the safe with the cash but the safe was already open.

Kalaut said a suspect has been identified and is arrested and detained and is in police custody.
“ We have circumstantial evidence that warrants us to arrest and we’ve now detained the NCD/Central divisional clerk and she’ s now under police custody with her husband’ he said.
Kalaut said they believe she (suspect) may have removed some cash and because of that believe we went to her house and searched around and we found K46, 500 in her bedroom.
“We got that money in the presence of her relatives and others in the house and we counted the money and they all saw and it’s now with us,” he said.
Kalaut further stressed that after the fire they came in to check the office and found two patrol containers and it is now an exhibition for the police to investigate further.
“We will have to take the prints to confirm with the prints of the suspect we now have in custody,” he said.
He added that prior to that when he left for home, there were no patrol containers anywhere on the floor.
“I could have seen it,” he stressed.
Kalaut maintained that he was the last person to leave the office at around 5:30pm were he checked everything and made sure all electronic devices like the air condition, fan, and lights were switched off before he left.
Shortly after leaving the office, he received a call from the suspect around 6:17pm advising that there was fire at the office and was crawling and telling him what had happen.
Meantime, Kalaut said the criminal investigation division now investigates the matter and all witnesses have been identified to submit their statements.
The fire service lead investigator Gabriel Paulus further added that the investigations are underway and will be waiting for all eyewitnesses statements prior to the fire and during the fire.

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