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Minister Kapavore calls on Public Servants to report corruption at Workplace

Papua New Guinea Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore is calling on all public servants in the country to start come out and report corruption occurring in their workplaces.
The minister said he will make it his business to put mechanism in place to protect their identity and their job security, thus urging citizens to rise up and speak out in any perceived corrupt deal or actions from the sectional and departmental heads.
Public Service Minister Kapavore made the call after sighting the 2016 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) which rank PNG as one of the most corrupt nation.
The shocking minister said the CPI assessment is based on how corrupt PNG's public service has been and has continue to be.
The public service minister also highlighted that the proposed Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Bill will also protect the whistle blowers and those who stand up for what is right.
"I understand officers wish to report corruption at workplace but job security is their concern.
Their concern is noted and mechanism are now being developed to address their job security and they must come out and start report suspicious an malicious dealings at their work place," said Minister Kapavore.
Meanwhile, the public service machinery is not functioning properly, because it lacks people with integrity and good leadership qualities, along with Godly principles.
Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore made this statement, when expressing his disgust at the 2016 Corruption Perception Index report.
The report rank PNG as one of the most corrupt nation in the world.
Minister Kapavore said corruption is happening at all levels within the public service, thus good leaders are needed to lead by example.
Elias Kapavore, a former senior public servant himself said, Public Service is the government's implementing machinery, and it needs honest, committed and people with result oriented mindset to lead.
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