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Growing opportunities for Vanuatu’s Azure Pure Water

Crystal Cruises cruise line will be carrying bottled Azure Pure Water of Vanuatu on its cruise ships.

In November, the Vanuatu company successfully exported 1200 cartons of bottled water to Australian shipping and marine supplier, Pegasus Supply Solutions for the Crystal Cruises cruise line.

The Sales and Marketing Director of Azure Pure Water Limited, Yael Sakker said they are very fortunate that Crystal Cruises chose Azure Water as competition is high.

Azure Water secured the export deal after the Fine Foods Australia exhibition in Sydney in September.

The company was part of an exhibition by Pacific Trade Invest that showcased Pacific-made products from several companies.

“Whilst at Fine Foods we met with a representative of Pegasus Supply Solutions, who approached us after our return to Vanuatu asking if we would be interested in being included with several other water options in their water tender proposal for Crystal Cruises,” Sakker said.

“This export has opened the door for us into the Australian market and has given us the opportunity to showcase Vanuatu to the world,” he added.

November was a significant month for Azure Pure Water Limited as it also received its HACCP certification.

HACCP is an internationally recognized management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

“We received our HACCP certification in November, which will open many more doors for us internationally. We are now the only HACCP certified bottled water manufacturer in Vanuatu,” he said.

Sakker said Azure Pure Water Limited is now looking at securing more deals with returning cruise lines visiting Vanuatu and other export opportunities available around Pacific, Asia and USA.

“Keeping up with demand is one of the major challenges that Azure Pure Water faces, he said.

“We are currently supplying water for the Pacific Mini Games which are underway now in Port Vila, along with our ever growing Vanuatu customer base, and our new export clients. We look forward to growing our operations to keep up with this demand,” he said.

Azure Pure water comes in packages of 330 ml bottle, 600ml bottle, 1.5L, 19 L bottle with bench top stand, 19 L bottle with water cooler, 1.5L distilled water.

Azure Pure Water is also the only company in Vanuatu to produce, package and distribute distilled water for all machinery including vehicle and marine batteries, industrial machinery and coffee machines for the hospitality sector.

This product is also supplied to telecommunications companies for their outer island batteries and equipment. 

Photo supplied  by Azure Pure Water Limited Facebook : LoopVanuatu
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