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A Corrupt Online Selection System by Department of Higher Education skips Brendon Bero - Grade 12 Student from Wabag Secondary School

Commentary by Rabbie Nazel B 

Brendon Bero completed Grade 12 last year in Wabag Secondary School in Enga Province. He put his first choice in UPNG for Foundation of Business Management and Accounting and second choice in University of Goroka for Secondary Teaching. In this year's name list, Brendon's name did not appeared on the school leavers list. He was so worried and went to Wabag Secondary School to collect his Grade 12 Certificate. He noticed on his certificate that he scored all subjects very well.  Brandon Scored a GPA of 3.0 +  which is higher than the 2.5 Entry Requirement recommended by Office of Higher Education for UPNG Foundation of Business and Accounting.

Brendon scored one 'A' in Accounting and  four 'Bs' in other Grade 12 Alternative Subjects.
He scored a higher GPA of 3.0 plus, but he was not accepted by this Corrupt Online Selection System introduced by Office of Higher Education last year.

He flew down to Port Moresby Education Office to checked on his selection but the government employees at the Higher education Office in Port Moresby- Waigani, told Brendon to go look for K2000 to bribe them so that they would put him into UPNG for Foundation in Business Management and Accounting for this year- 2018 before registration.

Many students who scored good marks have not been selected by this new Online Selection System. They are also being told to go look for K3000 to K4000 by the Employees at the Education Office so that they would put them back into the List.

Friday 26th Jan is the Date line for Brendon Bero to bring the K2000 to be eligible to enroll for this year academic year at UPNG apart from the school fees of K12500.

Below is what Brendon said while talking to me (Rabbie Nazel)

"Can someone STOP this Corruption at the Education Office. The School fee is K12500 and they are telling me to bring another K2000 for Bribery to put my name on the List.
Why are they doing this to my Life, they are cutting my neck off and my Future is at stake. Please, some has to do somethings. I am Crying and I feel pain in my Heart, why the Selection team and the Online Selection System is doing this to me.

I Have No Money, Please help Me." Said Brendon.

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