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Genital mutilation perpetrator appears in Court

Robin Godwin Audari Borezi, 39, from Dabari village of Sohe District in Oro Province appeared before the Lae Committal court today after being arrested for genital mutilation of a woman.

The unnamed victim, who is the wife of the suspected perpetrator’s brother, endured weeks of suffering after her genital was pierced with a nail and sewn up by force.

It was during the absence of the victim’s husband, who is in Port Moresby, when the perpetrator took advantage of her and sexually abused and threatened to kill her on occassions.

Borezi appeared before Senior Provincial Megistrate Pius Tapil today, facing charges which includes, illegal detaining of the victim in his house for a period of time, unlawfully wounding and sexual penetrations.
The court heard that Borezi forcefully detained his sister in-law in his house and on two separate occasions he stitched the victims vagina with cotton thread and afterwards he pierced the vagina with a 3inch nail and locked it up with a small lock.

The defendant explained that he had a defector relationship with the victim and spent substantial amount of money in supporting the victim and further admitted that he sewed up the victim’s vagina after being overprotective over her.

Magistrate Tapil said the case is very serious which could involved human act and described Borezi’s actions as “animalistic.”

Magistrate Tapil refused to allow bail in the interest of the victim, who was not present in court, and also other affected community members.

The matter was adjourned to the 30th April this year allowing the police to conduct further investigations.

NBC News – Gabriel Lahoc : (Picture source: turnbullhill.com.au)
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