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Samoans to petition govt on customary land rights

Samoans around the world are to petition the government to uphold the protection of customary land rights.

The Samoa Observer reported members of the Samoan Solidarity International Group will present the petition when parliament opens on the 23rd of this month.

Group member Unasa Iuni Sapolu says they want the 2008 Lands and Titles Act to be repealed.

Unasa says many of their concerns surround the Torrens system of registry of land titles which is enabled under the Act but which they say is contrary to traditional Samoan land rights.

Unasa says Torrens systems have "wrecked indigenous land ownership in other countries".

She says the group will work on educating people about the pitfalls of the system and how it could be used to secure loans and mortgages which risk the sanctity of customary land.

Source:  RNZI
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