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Solomon Islands international arrivals soar

Solomon Islands has hit the record  high with a total of 13,639 international arrivals comprising of
returning residents, intending residents  and visitors into the country  in the third quarter of 2017.
This was according to the latest  quarterly bulletin on visitor statistics  (arrivals) released by the Solomon Islands National Statistics  Office (SINSO) on Thursday 30 November 2017.
This quarterly bulletin is produced by the National Statistics Office  (NSO) in the Ministry of Finance
& Treasury (MoFT) and it provides  information on international arrivals comprised of the returning resident, intending resident, and visitor.
Releasing the latest figure, Government  Statistician Douglas Kimi said  the third quarter 2017 has recorded  an increase of 5.4 per cent compared  to the previous quarter (2nd  Quarter 2017).
He said compared to the same quarter a year ago, an increase of 26.2 per cent was recorded. “Visitors
composed 54 per cent.”  He added that of the total arrivals  for the third quarter of 2017, 45 per
cent of total arrivals were returning  residents and the remaining 1 per  cent were intending residents.
“Visitor arrivals for the third quarter  increased by 13.3 per cent to 7,281,
compared to the second quarter  2017 figure of 6,425.  “An increase of 28.5 per cent was
recorded over the same quarter in  2016,” Mr Kimi said.  Mr Kimi said arrivals by country
of residence for the third quarter  of the year showed that Australians  (38.0 per cent) remain the largest  group of visitors to the Solomon  Islands, followed by visitors from  Other Asia (10.7 per cent), US (7.8  per cent), New Zealand (7.2 per  cent), Fiji (6.2 per cent), PNG and China (5 per cent).
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