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The real Brian Mulo speaks out

The real Brian Mulo has spoken out for the first time after he was allegedly impersonated by a convicted arm robber and escapee.

He is First Constable Brian Mulo, a veteran officer with 26 years of service with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and currently the Second-in-Charge of Prosecution in Aitape, West Sepik province.

First Constable Mulo expressed both disappointment and gladness after his identity became the subject in one of the most daring police impersonation cases in Papua New Guinea by far, when a convicted arm robber and escapee Adam Peter, spent the last three months as police officer, Brian Mulo, in Finschaffen, Morobe province.

He was upset that his name was used which has tarnished his reputation and also was glad that the suspect was arrested eventually.

In October, 2017, Adam Peter, a Kerevat jail escapee presented himself as Brian Mulo, a transferred officer from Vanimo, West Sepik province, to Gagidu police station, but he had no uniforms, drivers’ licsence and no transfer documents.

While these were enough indications to raise suspicions at that point, the unnamed Gagidu Police Station Commander accepted him there without the required standard procedures being followed and Peter was involved in police operations, was issued a police firearm, drove the police car and also made his first arrest recently.

First Constable Brian Mulo, says he does not know and has not met his impersonator in the past and was only notified by relatives and colleagues after the NBC Morobe news story on the impersonation case was share widely on Facebook.

Constable Mulo says he was upset as this case with his name attached to it was demoralising as the public could assume that he compromised with law breakers.

According to Morobe Provincial Police Commander Augustine Wampe, fellow police officers first became suspicious when he could not write in police shorthand style, his incidence report as the arresting officer and performed poorly during his first marching drill with them.

It was a couple of visiting off-duty officers from East New Britain who accompanied a dead colleague’s body to Finschaffen for burial recently when they spotted the impersonator as their wanted escapee who was on the run for nine years, and tipped off the local police who arrested Peter last Sunday and brought him to Lae.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Gary Baki, has condemned the unprofessionalism by responsible police superiors, especially the police station commander for Gagidu.

NBC News - Gabriel Lahoc (Picture source: therichest.com)
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