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Students hospitalized after been hit by PMV Bus

Frustrated pedestrians at the 9-mile market in Port Moresby burnt a PMV Bus after it hit a student and bumped three taxi vehicles early this morning.

Eyewitnesses said angry commuters bashed the driver and his crew as police arrived on scene to calm the situation.
The eyewitnesses said the PMV bus lost control of its breaks as it made its way round the 9-mile roundabout to avoid hitting oncoming vehicles when it hit the student.

The bus was attempting to escape the scene when two police vehicles parked beside the market stopped it.
The student hit was rushed to Gerehu General Hospital whilst the driver and his crew were taken into custody by the police.

Meanwhile, residents at the 9-mile area have called on city authorities to look into setting up proper bus stops for commuters to avoid such an incident to happen again.
The frustrated residents said that responsible authorities should seriously look into setting up bigger and proper bus stops at the 9-mile area as most commuters risk standing along roadside to hop on PMV buses.  PNGFM
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