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Madang MP Kramer resigns from Pangu Party

The Member for Madang Bryan Kramer has officially tendered his resignation from Pangu Party. He stated this via Social Media.  "Today I submitted my formal resignation as a member of Pangu Pati pursuant to the Party Constitution. A party I formally joined as a strategic adviser back in 2015.

I would like to acknowledge the other members who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to build the machinery that underpinned Pangu's success following the 2017 General Elections.

My resignation follows the Registrar of Political Parties decision approving the name registration of Allegiance Party Inc. A party I now intend to lead in a effort to reshape the PNG's political landscape by bringing down a corrupt system of Government including those who have enriched themselves at the expense of the peoples welfare.

With 7,037 people having registered online to join, we anticipate the party to emerge as a significant player in ensuring a better future for all PNGeans.

It is my view 2018 will be a defining year for PNG". 
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