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NCSL Online Portal benefits Employer and staff

Employers using the NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loan Society (NCSL) Online Portal have seen the benefits of instant processing time of savings withdrawal and loan applications.

This process ensures assessments for loan transactions and contributions updates are done when the employer endorses the applications.

Officer in Charge of Banking & Receipting Ms. Olive Maurice said it is important for the Human Resource and Payroll Officers to understand how to use the online portals.

“We need all employers to get registered on the portal as we see that using the portal is much faster in terms of updating contribution and authorising deductions for the employees,” said Maurice.

The Employer Portal enables payroll/HR/Account personnel to do the following;

- Authorize salary Deductions for Employee(s) that have applied online using the Member portal/SMS
- Confirm Refund cases- confirm last pay date for employee(s) who want to exit NCSL
- View status on loan/refund application that has been authorized
- View break up of regular amounts for each employee(s)
- Generate contribution for each Pay period
- Download/upload schedules
- View status on contribution updates for each pay period

She said most HR/Payroll Officers who are currently using the portal were happy with the new system saying, “SaveLoanSmart system is user friendly, encourages paperless work and cuts down on work load.”

Picture sourced from ncsl.com.pg

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