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Enquiry to be set over beheading and shooting of youths in Madang

An enquiry will be set with a coroner’s quest to determine the cause of actions by police into the death of youths in Madang in a clash and the beheading of a teacher by criminals that lead to the clash.
ACP Northern Command Peter Guinis said, in the fall of events during the clash, the police reacted in self-defence when patrol bombs were thrown at them resulting in a police officer critically injured and three youths shot at by police.
“We will not defend the police if the police were wrong to shoot but with the coroner’s inquiry set they are ready to answer questions that will be raised” said ACP Guinis.
ACP Guinis said preliminary investigations are underway for the deaths that occurred during the unrest.
Meanwhile, Mr Guinis said there are a lot of issues involved in the beheading of the teacher but did not reveal which ones exactly.
He said only investigations will reveal and establish what actually happened.
Guinis has also called for a total cooperation from local leaders in Madang to identify the suspects involved in the beheading of the teacher.
“The head has been returned to the relatives and preliminary investigations have commenced and we will need cooperation from local level government leaders,” said Mr Guinis.
He added that in these way matters can be sorted out by identifying people involved in the beheading and what actually transpired into the beheading and clash..

Police in Madang:   PNGFM/PNG Today
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