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Hunters Captain Ase Boas brand Ambassador for NAFUND

NASFUND is pleased to announce a partnership with Ase Boas, the captain for SP Hunters as the Brand Ambassador of the voluntary contribution product for the next twelve months.
Charlie Gilichibi, the Chief of Member Services said today that NASFUND wants to take a strategic approach towards marketing and advertisements as an effective way to get their messages out to their clients and therefore they have decide to use a sports icon as Ase Boas.
Mr Gilichibi said Boas will not be the brand ambassador for NASFUND as an organisation but for a product which is voluntary contributions.
“ While the mandatory contributions can carry members so much into their retirements, voluntary contributions can make a lot of difference to sustain members in retirement,’’ said Mr Gilichibi.
‘’We believe that there is a strong relationship between business, individuals and sports man and women who have the rigor of planning, good discipline and ongoing success which are the very values NASFUND upholds.”
Meanwhile, Boas thanked NASFUND for the opportunity and said his first targeted audience would be his own team mates before he launch out to others.
‘’I realise the importance of savings and I encourage other sports man and women to save and invest something for their future, ‘’ said Mr Boas.  PNGFM/PNG Today
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