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Morauta’s Fake News an Attempt to Mislead Public Debate : O'Neill

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill  has condemned more fake news from the Member for Moresby North West, and former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta.

PM O’Neill said there are standards of public conduct that are expected of former Prime Ministers, and the Moresby North West Member is failing.

“The people of this Nation are tiring of the undignified behaviour of the former PM, and again on social media he is ignoring fact and posting fake news,” the Prime Minister said.

“He has lied about infrastructure projects, lied about Papua New Guinea’s engagement with China, and totally ignored the failed response by his government to law and order issues.

“Is Mourata the same person responsible for death of four students under his administration? Yes, he is.

“He did not resign when four students were killed when he was Prime Minister, so what is he talking about now after property was destroyed in Mendi.

“This is a hypocritical and self-serving person who is living in the past and has never cared for the Nation, just his own self-interest.

“When it comes to current law and order issues, he has no solutions, just political rhetoric.”

The Prime Minister said on the issue of infrastructure development and engagement with China, Morauta’s fake news and failure to recognise the previous Government’s international engagement are embarrassing for the former PM.

“He simply ignores that when he was PM, Morauta supported greater foreign investment and partner support for funding the development program. “So why has he changed his tune and would see our Nation ignore investment and development opportunities with the second largest economy in the world? The simple answer is self-serving political grandstanding.

“He attacks what he calls the tearing up good roads, but this is fake news as he fully well knows, the rehabilitation of the Poreporena freeway is long overdue as it is potholed, cracking and unsafe. “What he fails to admit is that the Poreporena Freeway rehabilitation is a gift of the Government of China at no cost to Papua New Guinea.

“Morata makes false claims that the upcoming Official Visit to China will cost 7 million Kina, and this is an absolute lie. “The private sector is paying its own way to China on the charter, and this is covering most of the cost of the official delegation’s travel.

“The cost to state will be in the order of a few hundred thousand Kina, and with the investment of hundreds of millions of Kina coming from our engagement with China – this is money well spent. “Papua New Guinea is part of the global community and he knows that we cannot live in isolation.

“It is important that we continue to engage with China and we are fortunate that China recognises us, and the role we play in the international community and the Pacific.

“It is sad that people like Mekere continue to try and distract the public from genuine government efforts for improving the livelihoods of our people. “Mekere had the opportunity, as PM nearly two decades ago, to address problems, and he left behind several lingering and long-term issues that we face today. “It would be a more dignified for him to contribute to public debate, not try and distract it with fake new and self-interest.”
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