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PNG Constitution does not allow Independence for Bougainville

Commentary by : Daniel Tulapi

Former Governor Honourable John Momis of Bougainville Province and Former PM Bill Skate and Prime Minister Peter Oniel of PNC political party has no mandate and no constitution authority to Promise Referendum and independence to the people of Bougainville.

The Police and Military and people of Papua New Guinea must stop this unconstitutional act and demand for referendum which is demand by criminals and warlords on Bougainville.

The 1975 independence constitution of Papua New Does not authorize referendum and independence by any province or tribe in PNG.

The 1975 constitution does not authorize PNG parliament to :

1. No Power by Parliament to Amend or add provisions to the 1975 independence constitution.
2. Members of parliament have authority to make constitutional laws but do not have power to amend the 1975 constitution.
3. The three 3 arms of Government namely Parliament & Prime Minister & NEC and Judiciary or the courts have no power to act or use extra territorial powers outside of the 1975 constitution.
That means the government has no power to amend the 1975 constitution.

4. Section 29 of the constitution says the Supreme court has power to interpret a proposed constitutional law but does not have the power nor jurisdiction to interpret the 1975 constitution of papua new Guinea.
5. The Parliament and NEC and Prime Minister may propose laws and policies for good welfare of the people but members of parliament do not have power nor authority to amend or add to the 1975 independence constitution.

6. The PNC Bill Skate Government addition to the constitution of Papua New Guinea concerning Bougainville is criminal act and abuse of parliament power and priviledge and the 1975 independence constitution of PNG does not recognized the seditious and treason act of amendment to the constitution.

6. Parliament can only make laws or propose constitution laws but does not have authority to add to or amend the 1975 constitution.

7. Parliament and the Courts and NEC and Prime Minister was created by the 1975 constitution and its duties and responsibilities are as defined by the 1975 constitution.

8. The 1975 constitution does not use the word " referundum" or independence by provinces. The constitution says there may be provincial forms of governments but not independent states within the independant state of PNG.

The PNC government of Prime Minister Peter oniel must be removed by people power uprising for abuse and misuse of the 1975 constitution of PNG.

To amend the 1975 independence constitution of Papua New Guinea only act of war against PNG may remove the constitution by foreign forces of war.

The people of PNG cannot have referundum to amend the 1975 constitution of our independance.

The provisions of the 1975 constitution is not inconsistent with each other nor is the constitution provisions in conflict with each other provisions dealing with provincial governments. The 1975 constitition is deem supreme authority under which all constitution offices derive its power and authority.

Parliament . Courts. NEC do not have constitution authority nor power to act outside the 1975 constitution.

Any Member of parliament has no power to amend the 1975 constitution .

I have not seen any section or provision in the 1975 constitution which says a MP or Prime Minister has right or priviledge to propose amendments to the 1975 constitution.

The 1975 constitution is not the same as a proposed constitution law .

Example of "proposed constitional law "
as envisaged by section 19 of the 1975 independance constitution of png is :

1. Organic law ( constitutional law) on Elections.
2. Organic law ( constitution law) on Provincial governments
3. etc...

The constitutional law can only be made under the existing 1975 provisions of independance constitution and not in conflict with the 1975 constitution.

The Constitution is Supreme not the Parliament , not the Supreme Court and not the Prime Minister & NEC. Why ?
Answer: Constitution of independance 1975 created the Parliament. Supreme Court . Prime Minister & NEC.

The Prime Minister is not the constitution of PNG. The Supreme Court is not the constitution of PNG. Parliament is not the Constitution of PNG.

Jesus is not God the Father ( constitution) . God the Father is the creator of Jesus. God the Father commanded Jesus to take up the form of mankind. God the creator never ever took the firm of man. Man only took the image form of the creator.
Papa God lon graun em constitution law 1975 of Papua New Guinea.

Commentary  by Honourable Daniel Bali Tulapi LLB.LLM Former CHAIRMAN of Constitution & Laws Permanent Parliament Committee of Papua New Guinea National Parliament
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