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Lae City Authorities to stop Street Vendors

Selling and chewing of betel-nut and street vending within major shopping areas will be stopped by authorities as Lae MP John Rosso, makes a general call for change in attitude in Lae city.

PMV operators and owners have also been urged to enforce these laws on passengers travelling on their vehicles.

Street vending is also targeted to be included in the radar as the street sellers and petty criminals will be targeted by police.

This comes after rubbish bins set up by the Lae city Authority and Morobe Provincial government were defaced with betel-nut spittle.

Mr Rosso says Lae Residents have embraced change since he was elected into office and he would do whatever it takes to make Lae a clean and safe city for everyone.

Mr Rosso says the Lae city Authority is waiting funding and a strategic plan from the Lae Metropolitan Police Command to enforce a total ban on betel-nut vending and chewing in public places.

“First stage is installing bins, second is to littering fines and third is to ban the sale of bettelnuts and street vendors at smajor shopping areas," says Mr Rosso.

Mr Rosso says this small group of people needs to change their attitude and throw their rubbish in the right place, which are the bins provided by the authorities.

NBC News - Sylvester Gawi
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