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Polye backs Governement's move on Autonomy for Provinces but warns of abuse of powers

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Giving autonomy to provinces is the right Approach! The government has decided well in my view!

On the issue of the type of autonomy, I think the Government has made the right decision in principle by giving political, administrative and financial autonomy to the three as a pilot case to improve this kind of governance and can be extended to others in the country over time!

In principle, I believe the decision is correct!

The execution and operation of this principle of autonomy is the next issue that needs to be crafted out.

Let's support this move by government and discuss as to how we can contribute making autonomy work better than the current system of governance.

Of course, the Bougainville's autonomy, I think, is absolutely different to that of the three provinces. However, the challenges we have seen in the implementation of the Autonomy in Bougainville could be the common issues for them. Its the implementation, I also think, PNG Think Tank and others should be focussed on in its deliberations to make some input to government and other authorities.

I also believe that some seed capitals should be made available to those provinces to start an economic investment program to begin a process of socio-economic sustainability.

The financial assistance should be staged out over a period suitable for full autonomy. The money could be lent or given as grant and exgracia, but the focus of the autonomy needs to become economic self-reliance!!!

I believe in socio-economic autonomy or self-reliance of each of the province, ethnicity, tribe, clan, locality and citizen and individual of our nation! We must erode free handouts and dependency! I also believe that socio-economic autonomy is key to political, administrative and other elements of sovereignty. Thus, we strive to become a great nation this way!

Nevertheless, let me also mention that such autonomy should not be abused. Autonomy needs to be given and taken with right motive! If the powers of autonomy are misused, abused or misapplied then provisions need to be inclusive in the instruments to withdraw the autonomous powers or for punitive measures to be applied.

We support the three governors and their provincial governments to prove that they can execute their new given powers with responsibility and love for their people. Any power implemented with love and care for the humanity regardless,...is key to surmounting difficult hurdles along the way. Devoid of such love and care from the equation of any power enjoyed, deterioration takes over!!!

Naturally, people do stand up for their rights in one way or another if POWERS ARE misused or abused even in an autonomy!

If marching feet do not rise up against those in power today then it is today.

A power needs to be used with high level of morality and responsibility!
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