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FODE students to work with Computer tablets

Students studying at the flexible, open and distance education centre in the National Capital District and Central Province will now have access to their learning materials any time, anywhere through the use of tablets as of yesterday.
Tuesday August 7 marks the launch of the 7” and 10” tablets to be issued to FODE students in the two centres.
FODE principal Anthony Rayappan stated in front of the students, parents, teachers and relatives that, the tablets will be restricted to students in Central Province and NCD centres because the exercise will have to be trialed first in these two areas before the tablets can be rolled out to the other centres in the country.
He said there are 30,000 FODE students throughout the country and FODE management has been looking at various strategies that can be used to reach the students in different parts of the country.
He said that FODE will capitalize on cost effective approaches so that many students can afford to study anywhere that is convenient and at the same time, have access to the courses they have enrolled in.
Mr Rayappan also mentioned that FODE will strive to provide quality education to its students. He explained that there is one examination for students studying at conventional schools and FODE students.
He said that FODE will continue to provide help to the students to have access to quality curriculum and other necessary resources through the use of the tablets.
The principal urged the students to look after the tablets and encouraged the parents and guardians to assist their children and relatives enrolled at FODE to take good care of their tablets.
The 7” tablet is going for K200 and 10” tablet is going for K300.
They are supplied by Computing and Communications Institute of PNG (CCI-PNG) for affordable price. FODE is currently working in partnership with CCI-PNG, a new company that provides training in computing and is based in Waigani.
The tablets will be issued to the students enrolled in NCD and FODE centres at a subsidised cost for K150 and K250 after paying the amount into the Bank South Pacific.
Upon receipt of the bank deposit, the students will be issued their tablets. The tablet PCs are optional for students.
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