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Use of PNGMade logo requires permission

PNG Made logo
Any use of the PNGMade logo requires the written permission of the Manufacturers Council of Papua New Guinea, according to chief executive officer Chey Scovell.
In a statement, Scovell said “The PNGMade logo is the duly-registered intellectual property and trademark of the Manufacturers Council of PNG.
“The logo may only be used, for approved purposes, on qualifying products (goods made in PNG), by financial members of the council.
“Members of the public, and those officers of the State charged with responsibility for fair and legal trading, are encouraged to notify the council of any products using the logos, by businesses other than those attached.
“Members of the public are encouraged to be wary of goods bearing altered logo, substantially or other that depict or suggest PNGMade, MADEInPNG or PNGOwned.
“This council represents, solely, local manufacturers.
“A requirement of membership is for all members to be in compliance with all laws of Papua New Guinea.
“We conduct site visits of members’ premises and check their records to ensure compliance with such.
“We have discontinued membership, and denied membership to local manufacturers who have breached this requirement, including failure to demonstrate that their products are safe for consumption or use.
“This is the value of the PNGMade logo, it is why we protect it, and it why Papua New Guineans value and trust products with our logo.”
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