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Marawaka forgotten no more

Marawaka in Eastern Highlands Province is a very isolated and remote place. It is 1809 meters above sea level with an estimated population of 30,000 plus people. Marawaka is located in the Obura-wonenara District, Yelia LLG. It shares boarders with Gulf Province towards the west and Morobe Province in the East. Marawaka is surrounded with lofty mountains, deep cliffs and entrenched valleys covered under the umbrella of thick clouds. It certainly is one of most difficult places in Eastern Highlands to reach. Network communications mediums are inaccessible. The only reliable means to bring basic government service to Marawaka is by air transport- either single engine airplane or helicopter at an appropriate weather condition. Any flight to Marawaka at a bad weather condition surely will result in a fatal accident with no chance of survival.
Yesterday, Governor for Eastern Highlands Peter Numu had his first visit of the year 2019 to the Marawaka Station to announce projects for the people of Marawaka budgeted for in 2019. And to deliver rewards for completed community projects in the area. Governor Numu was accompanied by his wife Rosiela Tess Numu, First Secretary Solomon Tato, Director for Planning Peter Gare, and Chairman for Pastor’s Fraternal Pastor Simon Nime.

The Governor announced the following projects which will be funded by the provincial government this year for the people of Marawaka to 10,000 plus people gathered at Marawaka Station: Marawaka Station Hydro- K500,000, Miniyema-Marawaka Road- K500,000, District Road Improvement Program (DRIP)- K50,000, Tokena-wanenara Road- K1million kina, Rural Airstrip maintenance- K500,000, Marawaka Day High School- K240,000, Teachers deployment to remote schools in Marawaka- K150,000.00, School fee subsidy- K3 million kina for all EHP students attending tertiary, colleges, technical schools including Marawaka students, Pilot training sponsorship for one student from Marawaka by the EHPG, SME support for registered companies in Marawaka by EHPG, newly established EHPG Coffee Company to buy coffee directly from locals including Marawaka people at a reasonable price at the LLG level, and the outstanding payment of K200,000 for Village Court Magistrates’ allowances. In addition, First Secretary Solomon Tato made cash presentations for work done to Marawaka Airstrip maintenance- K10,000, Miniyema-Marawaka road maintenance- K10,000, and SME support for fish pond projects- K600, respectively.
Numu further told the people of Marawaka that the political and the administrative arm of the Eastern Highlands Provincial Government is now being stablished after undergoing 8 long years of impasse. He stated that the Province for the first time after a long battle for permanent provincial administrator has now has a permanent provincial administrator, Mr. John Gimiseve.
He further stated that Eastern Highlands was the first province in the country to launch its 5 year development plan last year. Unlike the past where projects were being discharged without proper monitoring and evaluation and most work undone, and contractors stole millions of kina. Under this current government with the 5 year development blueprint in place, there will proper monitoring and evaluation after every 3 months and project contractors will held accountable if money goes missing. The administration and the political arm of the government is now in order, hence the people Marawaka were informed to make ready themselves for government service delivery.
Community rep, Stanley said the visit by the Governor and the team was first of its kind since 1975. After 45 years of successive leadership transitions, a light of hope has come upon the people of Marawaka.
Although the flight to Marawaka with a peak height of 11899 feet altitude indeed was scary and risky for the Governor and the team. The focus of the leader of the province was the people and their welfare. God’s leading was indeed evident throughout the entire 50 minutes flight. And the Governor and team made a historic and a successful trip to Marawaka.

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