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Polling date in Solomon Islands to be announced next month

Solomon Islands Governor General Sir Frank Kabui will announce the election date in the first week of February, reports the Solomon Star.

Chief electoral officer Mose Saitala said the announcement will be made as soon as all preparatory work are completed.

Saitala said with the voters’ list finalised, his staff will work closely with officials at the constituency level to assign voters to the polling stations close to where they reside.

“We are working on ensuring that a particular polling station does not cater for more than 500 voters,” he said.

“Where the number of voters in that area exceeds 500, we would consider establishing another polling station,” he added.

“Special consideration will also be made to add another polling station to specific areas where the distances between polling stations are too far from each other.”

Saitala said it’s likely that all of the 856 polling stations used in 2014 would be used once again with additional of about 400 polling stations expected.

“This would help to better facilitate a voter’s access to exercise his or her democratic right to vote.”

Saitala explained that the day after the announcement of election date will also mark the beginning of campaigning and nomination of candidates.


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