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Schools throughout PNG told not to charge any Fees

The PNG Government and the Education Department have released a statement urging  schools around the country not to charge any fees.  "All school Principals of National and Provincial Institutions in the National Education System are reminded of the NEC Decision No. 01/2016 of 04th February 2016 that NO SCHOOL that receives Tuition Fee Free (TFF) funding imposes any fees including project fees, church agency fees, etc. from students, parents or guardians.

The public is informed that the National Government hasn’t changed its’ Policy on  Tuition Fee Free education for all children currently in schools around the country.
Schools and institutions legally operating under the National Education System that  are covered by the Tuition Fee Free Policy include elementary, primary, secondary,  Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), Flexible Open & Distance Education  (FODE) and Inclusive Education Resource Centers.

The Department of Education has received complaints from parents, guardians and  students that school administrations and school boards have asked parents to pay fees  prior to enrolment. This is against the Government policy direction, and is deemed  illegimate, and against official instructions.
Parents and other Stakeholders are invited to report any particular school or institution  asking for any kind of fees as a condition of enrolment to the Provincial Education  Advisor, School Inspector or the Department of Education on phone 301 3437''.

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