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Parties unite in Solomon Islands to contest election

Two political parties in Solomon Islands have teamed up to contest in the 03 April elections.

This was evident Wednesday when Our Party leader Manasseh Sogavare was invited to be the keynote speaker at the launch of Kadere Party’s manifesto.

Kadere Party and Sogavare were part of the last ruling coalition.

Kadere is the only political party that has integrity and unwavering loyalty to the principles of good governance,” Sogavare said in his keynote address.

“This party is serious because you have serious people behind it,” he added.

“It’s a party that has respect for due legal and administrative processes.”

Kadere teamed up with Sogavare and other independent members of the last parliament to launch their manifesto.

Sogavare said they will deliver with the support of the 23 remaining members of the DCCG (Democratic Coalition for Change Government) who will be part of “OUR KADERE Coalition”.

The group is made up of the majority of the former DCCG members.

Despite the change in prime minister-ship and inclusion of Democratic Alliance Party in the composition during the last 12 months, the DCCG which was made up mainly of former United Democratic Party and KADERE Party successfully completed their four-year term.

KADERE Party promotes traditional governance and land reform as two of its fundamental policies to address real development in the country.

These two policies were included in the priority policies of the former DCCG government led by Sogavare before he was ousted in late 2017.

First KADERE Party elected MP Andrew Manepora’a thanked Sogavare for recognising the importance of the party’s fundamental reform programs and for its inclusion in the DCC government key priority area.

Sogavare said we need to return the control and ownership of our country to the people.

Former MP for Gizo Kolombangara Lannelle Tanangada was another member of KADERE who spoke.

“KADERE is a perfect name given to a party that believes in the interests of our citizens,” she said.

Fourteen political parties have registered to contest this year’s election.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands Islands United Party will launch its 2019 campaign and commission its candidates in Honiara.

UP President Peter Kenilorea will address the occasion which will also see the introduction of UP’s candidates for the April 3 National General Election.

United Party, which had struggled to register for most of last year, only got its registration on January 7th this year.

Regardless of the challenges, the party under its new leadership has worked hard over the months and is overwhelmed with the response it received from the public, UP Secretary Abraham Namokari said.


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