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PM O'Neill arrives in Madang to Launch New Projects

Prime Minister O’Neill, CMG and senior State Ministers have been received by Madang Province Governor Peter Yama as they landed in Madang Town this morning.
The Prime MInister’s delegation is visiting Madang to launch a number of initiatives and projects that will boost infrastructure and economic growth in the province.

These include the groundbreaking for the Madang Airport upgrade, the reopening of the Banab Bridge in Sumkar, the launching of the Madang Town 4 lane road and the official hand-over of the PMIZ to the Madang Provincial Government.
“Madang has enormous potential to increase jobs and expand business,” the Prime Minister said.
“We will keep strengthening infrastructure and working in partnership with the Provincial Government and business to grow the local economy.
“Our Government is committed to the progress we are delivering in Madang and this will continue for our people of Madang Province."

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