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PM O'Neill officiates opening of several projects in Maprik, East Sepik Province

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was in Maprik District in the East Sepik Province  on Tuesday  with government ministers and was given a rousing welcome. O’Neill officially opened the Naramko Community Health Post, Maprik University Centre and did and aerial inspection of the Hayfield airport and the Maprik cattle project under their local MP Hon. John Simon.

The Prime Minister also announced the funding for the construction of major Maprik town market.

The Naramko Community Health Post was built at a cost of K4million and co-funded by GoPNG, Asian Development Bank, and a grant from the Australian Government.

O’Neill also presented cheques to the districts of Maprik, Wosera Gawi and Nuku. K2million was presented for the sealing of Maprik District and another K2million for the construction of Maprik market.

Government funding was also pledged for the for the expansion of Hayfield airport.

K5million was also presented each to the Districts of Nuku, Wosera Gawi and Ambunti Drekirkir for health programs in their respective Districts. The Sepik highway will also be funded and sealed.

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