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MV Rabaul Case re-opens

Seven years since the worst maritime disaster in PNG's history and the MV Rabaul Queen case has been re-opened, to the relief of many victims' families.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Davis Steven announced this in Alotau, this week.

He says the Public Solicitor's office has recommenced proceedings on behalf of one of the worst maritime incidents on record for Papua New Guinea.

Steven says their case has been filed and is ready to be progressed in National court.

“I have been reliably informed by the Public Solicitor that the majority of the victims of the Rabaul Shipping disaster have not come forward or are yet to join the court proceedings that have been filed in the National Court.

“I am therefore appealing to our people, especially in the New Guinea Islands region, in AROB, Morobe and in West and East New Britain and other parts of our country who were victims of this particular natural disaster.”

“Please report at your nearest Public Solicitors Office and register your interest so that your concern can be brought to the National Court for the Court to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation and if so, how much is to be paid to you,” Steven said.

The announcement comes after last November's decision by the Public Prosecutor to abruptly cease furthering the case opting not to pursue a few other charges.

The decision was seen as a disappointing blow to the families of around 170 lives lost in the tragedy.

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