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URP leader William Duma backs Prime Minister Peter O'Neill Governments

The United Resource party’s 13 member coalition partner has pledged support behind Prime Minister Peter O’Neill amid the vote of no-confidence motion being peddled by the Opposition.

URP leader and Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments William Duma told a packed house of party supporters and sponsors at URP gala dinner at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby on Saturday

The K5000-a-person dinner was part of the fundraising drive for the party that was attended by Members of Parliament, Ministers and business community. MPs that attended to support URP included; William Samb, James Marape, John Kaupa, John Pundari, Chris Haiveta, Petrus Thomas, John Kaupa, Elias Kapavore, Jelta Wong, Fabian Pok, Joe Koim Kuli, Tomait Kapili, Joe Lera, William Onglo, Renbo Paita and Robert Agarobe.

“We had blind confidence in Peter O’Neill, URP will remain with the Prime Minister as a foundation coalition partner, we have gone through turbulent times, we have trusted each other and that is testament to our relationship,” he said.

“In case one may be wondering where URP will be when Parliament resumes in May. URP is committed to working with our Prime Minister .”

Mr Duma said political alliances were based not only on shared policies but shared beliefs but more so on political relationship between leaders.

“We all have relationship based on trust, respect and loyalty. That is where the relationship between the URP and PNC is based.

“When we first elected Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister, I personally knew him as a fellow student at UPNG and a fellow leader in Parliament and I have trust and confidence in him,” he said. “The United Resource Party fully supported that Prime Minister, when we went to the election in 2011 and we supported Peter O’Neill O to be Prime Minister. In 2017 we did what has not been done before, normally a lot of people will wait for the results of the elections, to be delivered to PNG Electoral Commission to advice which Party has the numbers to form government, we will wait for all the seats to be declared before going into camp. But in 2017 we did something that was not done before, when one of our founding fathers Sir Julius Chan, myself, PM O’Neill and NCD Governor Powes Parkop signed an agreement while most of the seats are being counted.

“Other notable thing was that Powes when he signed the agreement he had not yet been declared as Governor of NCD.

“We all have to work together, Bougainville issue coming up but Prime Minister, we assure you that we will be strongly behind you.”

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