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PNG Hunters 2019 final squad named

The Papua New Guinea SP Sponsored Hunters team has been finalized. The squad has young prospects like Epel Kapinias, Nick Hasu, Rex Kaupa Jr, Teme and Jack Oii who will gain from their time in the Hunters system.

Competition for spots is expected to be strong with a large squad however with the overall experience deficit in the Hunters senior players are likely to be the first choice selections.

Adex Wera, Bland Abavu, Enoch Maki and Stanton Albert have spent the most time in the Hunters while Dilbert Isaac, McKenzie Yei and Junior Rau are all proven performers.

2019 png Hunters squad (Alphabetical order):

1. Adex Wera,
2. Baundo Aba,
3. Bland Abavu,
4. Brendan Nima,
5. Butler Morris,
6. Charlie Simon,
7. Daniel Tapol,
8. Dilbert Isaac,
9. Enoch Maki,
10. Epel Kapinias,
11. Gairo Kapana,
12. Ila Alu,
13. Jack Oii,
14. Jerry Teme,
15. Joe Frank,
16. Joe Joshua,
17. Junior Rau,
18. Junior Rop,
19. Justin Yoka,
20. Kevin Appo,
21. McKenzie Yei,
22. Moses Meninga,
23. Nick Hasu,
24. Patrick Morea,
25. Kaupa Rex,
26. Shane Haro,
27. Stanton Albert,
28. Wawa Paul,
29. William Mone,
30. Woods Kawage,
31. Jordan Pat.

Coach : Michael Marum

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