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Kiribati passport validation extended to 10 years

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration says the validity of the Kiribati passport has been extended to 10 years, effective this year.

Senior Immigration Officer Loreen Iuta told Radio Kiribati News the change was made in line with international regulations requiring passport validity of at least 6 months on date of arrival. 

The issue was commonly faced by I-Kiribati seafarers working overseas and others working overseas.

Iuta said the change will help minimise the expenses of people in renewing their five-year validity passports.

The change was part the Government’s Quantum Leap Week this year which also plays a pivotal part in the Kiribati Vision for 20 Years (KV20).

The current cost of the Kiribati passport is AUD$112.50 (US$79) for a one-day processing period, AUD$84.40 (US$59) for three days and AUD$56.25 (US$39) for 10 days.


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