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Kiribati bans all 737 Max aircraft flights to its airports

The Government of Kiribati has decided to ban all airline companies operating and flying their Boeing 737 Max aircraft to Kiribati airports or used as passenger airlines for the people of Kiribati.

The decision was made following the second fatal crash of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max aircraft on Sunday, killing all 157 people aboard and the global grounding of the aircraft.

The first fatal crash of the same model occurred in Indonesia last year which killed all 189 people aboard.

The Government through the Ministry of Information, Communications, Transport and Tourism Development (MICTTD) has written to inform Fiji Airways which operates the Boeing 737 Max aircraft of its decision to ban all Boeing 737 Max flights into the country.

The decision was made effective Wednesday and will remain in force until clarity has been made on the cause of the two accidents.

Kiribati currently has two international airports, the Cassidy International Airport in Christmas Island and the Bonriki International Airport in the capital, Tarawa.



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