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Basil and 15 MPs to leave Pangu Pati

Samuel H. Basil, the Finance Minister and soon-to-be ex-leader of the second government coalition partner, Pangu Pati, says his 15 members are intact.
However the third term Bulolo MP admitted Pangu Pati is affected by its own constitutional and administration crises which has undermine and question the leadership and integrity of the parliamentary wing.
Minister Basil says he will resign shortly from the party along with his 14 Members of Parliament including Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu, who was rumoured wanting to take over the party leadership from him.
Accompanied by Menyamya MP Thomas Pelika and Sumkar MP Chris Nanggoi, Minister Basil announced these publicly when responding to a petition presented to him by concerned Morobeans and Pangu Pati supporters at Niall oval in Eriku, Lae.
Two outspoken Morobe leaders, Bobby Aaron and Takiseng Khay, became the spokesmen for the hundreds of Pangu Pati suppprters and concerned Morobeans who converged at the organised forum.
Their petition demanded: (1) Minister Basil to lead all current Pangu MPs out of Pangu Pati, (2)Them to find a new party or join another existing party, and make a wise stand in the upcoming vote of no confidence.
Mr Nanggoi and Mr Pelika, said the reputation and leadership of Mr Basil was the reason the party was ressurected in the last national election.
Minister Basil blamed the Pangu Pati executives for running the party down since the national elections, including his removal as party leader on several occasions.
He said he will announce the next political party his team will join shortly but reaffirmed that they will still join the government ranks, with or without the ruling People's National Congress party.
Meanwhile a Pangu Pati caucus meeting will be held in Lae tomorrow with MPs already flying in and this meeting is where Minister Basil and his team are expected to formally resign.
(Pictured is Minister Basil, Mr Nangoi and Mr Takising at Niall oval in Eriku.)

NBC / PNG Today

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