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WSP Governor Tony Wouwou Refutes Claims Of ‘Jumping Ship’

"West Sepik Province Governor, Hon. Tony Wouwou, has refuted reports that he has left the PNC party and is joining the opposition.

"Mr Wouwou said he had never agreed to leave the PNC party or join the opposition.

“Following press reporting in newspapers today (yesterday), I want to state for the record that I am with the government of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and I have never agreed to leave the PNC party or join the Opposition.

“The press reporting and newspaper advertisement are false,” he said.

Mr Wouwou said he was taken by surprise to see in the newspaper today (yesterday) that the opposition is saying that he had left the Peoples National Congress party to join them.

“Yesterday I had a meeting with the district members of the parliament from my province.

“A photograph was taken of me speaking with other members of the parliament who were at the same place and made it look like I had left the government.

“My signature appeared in a newspaper advertisement for a document I had never signed. That was a photocopy of my signature,” Mr Wouwou said.

He said as the governor of the West Sepik Province, he meets with district members all the time. And this has nothing to do with politics.

“As the governor, I have good relations with all of our district members of parliament and it does not matter if they are in government or the opposition because we are working for our people in West Sepik Province.”

Mr Wouwou made it clear that he will support the government led by Peter O’Neill until the next election.

“I am PNC and will be so until the next election.”

He said the government is delivering projects and infrastructure in his province that his people badly need, adding that the province is seeing many improvements.

“Why would I want to go against the government that I am part of when so much good is being done? My interest is the welfare of my people, and I demand that my name not be used for politics,” he said

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