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PM O'Neill launches more projects in New Guinea Islands

The Prime Minister, . Peter O’Neill , has launched new infrastructure in the New Guinea Islands that is another piece in the Government’s plan to expand service delivery and create business opportunities around the country.

Visiting New Ireland Province today, the Prime Minister officially opened the Boluminski Highway, announced the redevelopment of Kavieng Airport and the extension of the runway, launched a new stadium and the new Bopire township in the Namatanai District.

“Infrastructure development in our country is very important for us to bring services right into the communities,” the Prime Minister said.

“Road Infrastructure such as Boluminsky highway will bring changes in the way our people lives.

“This highway will pave way for the easy and smooth transportation of goods and services from one end to the other.

“Economic development takes place when there is better infrastructure and it provides opportunities for the community to benefit greatly.

“This highway opens opportunities for SMEs to create new business in New Ireland Province, and also to access markets around the country and overseas. It also makes it easier to deliver services to communities that were difficult to reach in the past.

“The important thing is that there is strong demand for this infrastructure and we know that new infrastructure developments such as roads, airports, bridges and wharves are being put to great use by our people.

“This is infrastructure not only in the islands, but right around our country.

“Since we came to office, the construction of infrastructure, that had been left to decay for many years was one of our key priorities.

The Prime Minister further highlighted other changes taking place in the country, and many projects underway, such as the electrification program that will see 70 percent of the population having access to power by the year 2030.

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